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"Look good naked" Body Waxing and Custom Spray Tanning! We provide body waxing and a custom spray tan that will last up to 10 days with proper care.

Custom Tanning

A custom tan is a spray tan applied by a tranied esthetican. We pride ourselves to give you the best tanning experience! >>


We use hard wax only. Hard wax is strip-less wax that is designed to not adhere to the skin. Our professional grade wax will shrink wrap around the hair, thus reducing the chance of irratation. >>

Why Sunless...

We are proud to use our tanning solution.

The primary active ingredient in all self tanners is DHA (dihydoxyacetone) which is derived from sugar cane and is FDA approved for self tanning applications. When applied, DHA works with the amino acids in your skin to produce a natural looking tan without any orange discoloration..

Smooth Skin Salon offers you the healthier alternative to UV-tanning!

Our solution is best known for giving olive/brown skin tones that leaves you with a great looking tan! Our entire product line is 100% vegan, naturally derived ingredients, and is verified by PETA.


Why Wax...

There is a long-standing debate about whether body waxing or shaving is the best hair removal method.

While shaving does cost less money and takes less time, the long-lasting effects can be detrimental to your skin's health. Chances are, if you are shaving to remove your pubic or bodily hair, your skin is suffering.


Recent News

Our Grand Opening at Smooth Skin Salon!

Come and get spoilded at our Grand Opening! Thursday May 31 5-8pm Bring a friend and both of you will recive 50% off Facial Treatments, Body Waxing or Custom Spray Tan (Service must be booked that day) Food, drinks, Sangrias, Sin City Cupcakes, Unleashed Swimwear, Dragonflypoppy Creations, Bam Morris Art, Arta-tak and Body by Herbalife.